Jose R. German, Founder of Green Harmony Now, LLC:

Jose German’s passion about environmental protection and forest restoration began at a very early age. At the age of 17 Jose’s had a “small organic farm” with chickens, ducks and layer hens and a goat, in the middle of the city! His vegetables garden was very productive to feed his family that he shared the produces with neighbors and friends.

Graduated in Business Administration and with a Master Degree in Marketing, Jose dedicated long years of his professional career to work as CFO for non-profit organizations in the city of New York. He has been advocating for environment causes like forest preservation, wildlife and organic gardening in New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, where he is collaborating with a forest restoration project. He is one of the founders of the Montclair Wildlife Habitat Project and has been very active promoting Bio-Intensive Urban Farming and Permaculture and the production of local organic food, in New Jersey and New York Metropolitan area.

Jose is a Certified Master Gardener and member of the Ecological Landscapers Association. His landscaping work has been featured in local newspapers and magazines; also in Bird Watch, a national magazine. He has published articles about sustainable gardening and eco-friendly landscaping in newsletters and local newspapers and have offered presentations & lectures for people who are interested in organic and eco-friendly gardening.

What we offer:

We offer a holistic landscaping approach based on customized package of service that meets your personal yard and gardening needs. We also offer collaborative landscaping help and consulting services.

What does a Sustainable garden offer?

Aside from the enormous sense of well being and pride you will receive from a sustainable garden, you will also be transforming your green space into something that provides you with a tangible commitment to the environment.

Carbon foot printing is fast becoming an effective way of measuring your impact on the environment in terms of the CO2 you consume on a day to day basis.

Why not use your garden to offset some of your CO2 emissions?

Imagine a contemporary water fountain that doesn’t need a constant supply of electricity, or a garden that you do not need to water. We have the ability to transform your garden into your very own carbon footprint reduction scheme.

We can offer you expert guidance on every aspect of your garden project: Where and how to source recycled materials; water reduction techniques; renewable energy ideas; the use of sustainable materials within your garden’s construction phase.

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Photographer: J. German

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