A few examples of sustainable gardens using native plants from the Northeast region.  The pictures were taken in Spring, Summer, and Fall.  We also are featuring here a custom made composting bin and raised bed vegetables garden. The two pictures that show gravel and stones are part of rain garden that we created in Montclair, NJ.  Some of our garden designs reflect the planting pattern of nature to create forms and textures rather than simetric colorist effects. 

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Rain Garden designed by J. German in Puerto Rico. The garden is a micro-recreation of the rain forest with native plants of the island.  Due to the weather conditions, after the plants are established the garden does not need to be watered.  The rain water remains in the garden to feed flowers, bushes and trees. The garden offers shelter and food for birds and butterflies.  Hummingbirds are regular visitors of the garden.
Hydroponic System designed by J. German - Compost Tea is the main provider of nutrients for these plants. Hot peppers and Basil have been very productive, even more productives than other plants that are growing in the soil.

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