What We Offer: Effective (6/30/13 we only offer consulting gardening and landscaping services)

We offer a holistic landscaping approach based on a customized package of services that meets your yard and personal gardening needs. We also offer collaborative landscaping help and consulting services.

Landscape Design Services Includes:

Initial meeting free of charge

Detailed planning based on your needs and preferences

Drainage & grading designs

Step/Patio/Walks and Wall designs

Privacy screening designs

Landscape plantings & perennial bed designs

Installation of containers garden, seasonal and perennials arrangements

Design & Implementation of Rain Gardens

Permaculture Gardens & Wildlife Habitats

Design and implementation of vegetables gardens

Our Maintenance Services: Effective 06/30/13 we are not longer offering maintenance services

Spring and fall cleanups, as well as winterization of the garden

Edging of walks and beds; mulch installation and weeds control

Aeration of lawn & lawn treatments, as well as customized lawn mowing services

Lawn repair and sod installation

Trimming & pruning of bushes and trees

Composting Compost Tea and Vermi-Compost (Worms)

Planting of bushes and trees (Native and non-native)

Trees & Shrubs Services (Organic Fertilization, Fungicide, and Insects Control)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Organic Vegetables Gardening:

Design & implementation of edible gardens

Design & installation of raised beds, cold frames and hydroponic systems

Individual Gardening Couching and Group Trainings

Installation of Beehives and beekeeping services

Other services available (General Landscaping Construction): Effective 06/30/13 we are not longer providing construction services

Patios and Walkways

Retaining Walls & Boulder Walls

Natural Stone Driveways & Pavers


Please contact us for further details and on-site consultations at:


or Call us at (973) 233-1106.

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